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Transitioning into a New School Year

by Kate Lunquist, guest writer, the Wellness CricketThe start of the fall semester is always an interesting transition from summer life to sitting in Jensen, especially if it is senior year. The feeling of being close to the end is exciting and a bit scary, seeing as I have been in and out of college for six years. Warren Wilson is a unique place in that there are so many of us that have explored the unconventional lifestyle. A diverse group of stories circulate campus with what peers have been up to. Some that I found intriguing were traveling to South America, working as an herbalist apprentice, internship at an environmental agency downtown, and biking in Utah. What I find interesting is how to integrate our love for adventures and experiences with our passions with academia. As a creative writing major, I obviously am keen to read stories of what students have been doing; however, there are a plethora of other mediums and interests on campus. Creativity is bubbling with the start of classes and it is awesome to use what you have experienced over the summer to combine passion, creativity, and academics. Find some time to sit down and draw something, or write, or whatever your medium is to transition from summer adventures to studying.

On another note, I have already come down with some type of illness complete with an achy body, head cold, and sore throat. This is my warning, because you do not want this illness invading your body and mind for the first few weeks of school. I spoke with one of my friends who is an herbalist in Asheville, and her recommendation to steer clear of illness is to take an Elderberry tincture (which you can find at Greenlife). The apothecary crew on campus also has different teas and tinctures to keep your immune system healthy, as well as healing foods crew offering herbs and food that revitalize the body. Do not overwork yourself; carve out some time in the first few weeks to hit up one of our yoga classes on campus, or venture downtown to get some delicious food. It is easy to think you can plow through anything, but really the body needs some time to relax and renew, especially with turning your life around 360 degrees as we begin another year on the Warren Wilson campus. Drink some OJ, watch a home soccer game, and take the time to treat yourself to some down time. We do not have to fill every waking moment with stuff to do. We can also take the time to rejuvenate. Your body and mind will thank you for it.


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