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Timber Sports Debuts at Warren Wilson

by Grace Hatton, Reverb Editor

Wilson recently welcomed a new club sport to campus, the Timber Sports team. Timber sports consists of more than a dozen events ranging from sawing, archery and log hurling to academic events such as dendrology (the science and study of wooded plants) quizzes. Timber Sports has its roots in a real working world environment.

“Timber Sports were invented in logging camps,” says the Wilson timber sports team’s coach and forest manager Shawn Swartz. “When loggers were away from their families they entertained themselves by inventing activities that showed off a lumberjack’s skills.”

Swartz has wanted to start a Wilson timber sports team for some time. “I had been putting the idea out to my crew for a while, saying I would support anyone that was willing to step up,” Swartz said. The Wilson timber sports team came into existence as a club sport last year when sophomore and current timber sports team captain Frank Secret decided to work towards the goal of having a Wilson timber sports team.

“I sort of expressed interest when I got here last fall,” says Secret “I thought it would be cool to have a team. Last spring it was made an official club sport and we started practicing two times a week”

The Wilson timber sports is currently a club sport and will be competing intercollegiately. Their first event is happening Oct. 6 when the Wilson team will be competing in Haywood Community College’s Lumberjack Competition. Both Swartz and Secret agree that the timber sports team is a worthwhile and important addition to the Wilson community.

“Being the only sport that has roots in the real world work environment makes it a unique sport, and it allows people who aren’t on the forestry crew to experience the kind of work we do. Another cool thing about timber sports is that a certain number of events have to have women in them. Timber sports is a very woman friendly sport; it’s not just a male thing, so that’s exciting,” says Swartz.

Secret also hopes that having a new club sport on campus will foster community spirit at Wilson since it is a sport based in a work tradition.

“Timber sports has a whole traditional work based aspect to it which makes it different from other sports, and since we are a work college it’s a perfect fit. Having this team also supports team spirit in our community, and there are a lot of big competitions out there that we hope to participate in soon,” says Secret.

The requirements for any student interested in participating in the timber sports team are that they must have health insurance and sign a liability waiver. Swartz, Secret and the forestry crew welcome questions from interested students.


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  1. I have read about the timber sports, they look great fun! I am currently looking for one over here in the UK.

    Posted by Timber Merchants Manchester | August 6, 2013, 9:01 am

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