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Letter from the Editor

The Importance of a News Source on A College Campus

by Micah Wilkins, Editor

In my two years at Warren Wilson, I have never worked on another crew other than the Echo. When I came, I was 18, fresh from my high school newspaper. I requested the Echo, and I think I was the only one in my First Year Seminar to actually be placed on their desired work crew. I felt flattered. And then I was put to work.

The Echo is a small crew, about 10 to 15 students, each with our own duty—a couple of staff writers, two or three photographes, a web editor, designers, and then a main editor, to keep everyone on track—to produce a 12- to 24-page issue every two weeks.

A newspaper has many functions. One function is to entertain. Another is to interpret. But the main function of a newspaper is to inform. Our overarching goal here at the Echo is to inform. We strive, with every story, every interview, every photo, every correction, to inform the community. And with every new issue of the Echo, I realize more and more just how difficult and challenging this goal can be to achieve.

However, with every new issue I also realize just how important it is to inform our readers. We are the only news source on campus. Though it may seem like we’re a small campus, where not a lot happens, that is very far from the truth. News is happening constantly, all around us, whether we’re aware of it or not, either right in front of us, or behind closed doors. There is so much going on on this campus that deserves coverage, that deserves to be highlighted or exposed.

Our job as your college newspaper is to deliver the news that is not already on your radar. We try our best to fill in the gaps, wherever and whenever we can, so that students are not left in the dark when it comes to the inner workings of this college. And yet, we’re only scratching the surface.

Today, the Echo is only 12 students, and yet we have so many mediums through which we deliver the news. We have not only this tangible print edition that comes out every two weeks, but we also have a website (http://warren-wilson.edu/blogs/echo/), where we upload all stories and photos from the issue, plus some web-exclusive content throughout the year. Our third venue is Reverb (http://echoreverb.tumblr.com/), where we post our multimedia work—blogs, videos, photos, audio segments we call “Speech Patterns,” and more.

Putting out an issue every two weeks is made possible not only with the effort of just the 12 of us. It is a community effort. With the participation of readers and community members, we are able to interview students, staff, faculty, administrators, and more, gather information, and find the real story, going beyond the superficial.

This year is indeed a year of change for our community. With a new president comes a new direction for the college. We hope that this year will be changes for the better, for every part of the college, the Echo included.

In order to continue the work that we do, and improve the journalism that we produce, this year we hope to increase communication between the Echo and the campus community, cover issues and areas more regularly, and write more in-depth articles, to ensure that you, the reader, understands the full story.

Help us become a better publication. Give us feedback. Talk to us. Write a submission or a letter to the editor. Comment on articles on our website. E-mail us at wwcecho@gmail.com, or e-mail me personally at mwilkins@warren-wilson.edu. Tell us if something’s not right, and we’ll try and crank out an article in our next issue telling you why.


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