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Talkin’ Trash: An Update from the Recycling Crew

The Recycling Crew is now accepting all plastic containers #1-7! Any plastic container with a recycling number on it can be recycled. This includes regular plastic bottles and jugs, yogurt tubs, clam shells, and plastic cups. Exceptions that we can’t recycle include black microwaveable food trays, styrofoam, and plastics without a recycling number. Empty all containers of liquid and food and recycle them! You can leave lids on your plastics as long as they are empty. You can also recycle aseptic containers with your plastics. Aseptic containers are basically cartons and include things like juice boxes, soy milk containers, OJ cartons, and soup cartons. Exceptions that we cannot recycle are ice cream cartons, Chinese take-out containers, and cardboard cans like Pringles cans. We hope that you are super elated about this exciting news.


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