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Summer Thefts Shock Campus

by Andrew Marchev, staff writer

This summer saw a number of thefts on our campus, affecting several crews.

One of these was the theft of a vehicle from the Motorpool fleet. According to Deborah Anstrom, head of purchasing at FMTS, police now have in custody a suspect for the theft, who is also being accused of other charges, which are drug related.

The suspect is not a member of the Warren Wilson College Community, and to this effect, Anstrom said that “[these] thefts are coming from off campus, to our knowledge.”

Other crimes, confirmed by Director of Public Safety Terry Payne, include the theft of batteries from electronic carts, the siphoning of gas from motorpool vehicles, and the theft of a master key from paint crew. This resulted in the need for 80% of campus to be rekeyed.

The stealing of the batteries and the gas are suspected to be connected to the theft of the motorpool vehicle, because of the fact that battery acid and gasoline are common ingredients in the production of crystal meth, and other forms of the drug known as meth.

It is unknown whether the theft of the master key is connected to the other crimes, and there is currently no evidence to connect those crimes.

Anstrom spoke to the important role that Public Safety plays in keeping our campus safe, she also emphasized the need for the community to play a part as well.

“What we need is more heightened awareness,” Anstrom said. “We are all stewards of the college property and security”

Anstrom also urged students to not be afraid to tell Public Safety about any persons or events that seem suspicious or “anything that seems not right”.

With the knowledge that a person or persons have come onto campus and committed theft, Anstrom cautions Wilson, saying “we are not an island.”


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