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Public Safety Reports

Public Safety Reports, July 2012

Date: 7-3-12

Time: 11:00pm

Location: WWC Pond

Incident: Suspicious Person

Narrative: During routine patrols Public Safety Officers found (5) off campus individuals drinking. BCSD called and all were given written citations, then escorted from campus.

Date: 7-5-12

Time: 11:00am

Location: Garden Cabin

Incident: Medical (Bee Sting)

Narrative: Victim given EPI pen shot and transported to Mission Hospital.

Date: 7-11-12

Time: 4:50pm

Location: Ballfield C

Incident: Medical (MFA Student)

Narrative: Victim complained of upset stomach. EMS called and transported to Mission Hospital.

Date: 7-14-12

Time: 7:15pm

Location: Lower Pasture

Incident: Vandalism

Narrative: Golf cart was found at the scene where crops had been damaged. Cart belonged to a wedding chapel on River Rd. It was stolen sometime during the day. BCSD made report.

Date: 7-16-12

Time: 4:00pm

Location: Swannanoa Gathering Office

Incident: Burglary/Theft

Narrative: Gathering advised that person or persons unknown stole monies used for the Youth Scholarship Fund. BCSD made report and investigation is open.

Date: 7-17-12

Time: 3:30pm

Location: Rear of Ransom House

Incident: Stolen College Vehicle

Narrative: BCSD reported that a vehicle belonging to WWC had been stolen sometime the previous month. BCSD made an arrest the following day.

Date: 7-17-12

Time: 4:20pm

Location: Holden Art Building

Incident: Smell of Smoke

Narrative: Found compressor motor running and giving off strong odor. Motor was shut down and after cooling odor left building.

Date: 7-17-12

Time: 5:40pm

Location: Daisy Hill Loop

Incident: Medical

Narrative: Victim fractured ankle while walking. EMS was called and victim was transported to Mission Hospital.

Date: 7-23-12

Time: 9:00am

Location: Fortune House

Incident: Vandalism

Narrative: While doing routine patrols Public safety found the house unlocked and damaga done to the basement emergency exit lights.

Date: 7-30-12

Time: 4:30pm

Location: Library

Incident: Suspicious Person

Narrative: Library observer male attempting to steal magazines. Public safety responded and subject was removed after magazines were returned.

Date: 7-30-12

Time: 10:00pm

Location: Village Smoking Hut

Incident: Suspicious Person

Narrative: Public Safety observed suspect and after questioning was removed from campus.


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