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Public Safety Reports for June, 2012

Returning to the Bubble

Exploring WWC’s International Programs and Returning to Wilson After Studying Abroad

Summer Thefts Shock Campus

Vehicle, master key, car batteries and gas number among the items stolen from Warren Wilson this summer.

Community Meeting Held to Discuss Changes to Expect This Year

The president and PAC members reviewed developments for the coming school year at the meeting Wednesday

New College Chaplain Specializes in Queer Pedagogy

Dr. Brian Ammons hopes to ‘build connections’ between the spiritual and non-spiritual communities on campus

A Big Big Love: Katie the Dairy Cow Finds Herself Pregnant

The Jersey Cow will not be producing milk for the community again until after her calf is born.

Talkin’ Trash: An Update from the Recycling Crew

The Recycling Crew is now accepting all plastic containers #1-7! Any plastic container with a recycling number on it can be recycled. This includes regular plastic bottles and jugs, yogurt tubs, clam shells, and plastic cups. Exceptions that we can’t recycle include black microwaveable food trays, styrofoam, and plastics without a recycling number. Empty all [...]

The Importance of a News Source on A College Campus

by Micah Wilkins, Editor

Preserving One of Wilson’s Oldest Buildings: Farm Replaces Roof, Begins Renovations on White Barn

A Cozy New Spot to Get Caffeinated

Café Opens in Sunderland as Part of Sodexo Renovations

Working for the Workers

Changes for the WPO after Karen Huntley’s departure

Winning Coach Leaves Men’s Basketball Team

Coach Kevin Walden leaves Wilson for position at Knox College

Warren Wilson Now Among Large Public Universities In Sustainability Practices

In college rankings, Warren Wilson College sees some ‘competition’ from bigger schools as sustainability movement spreads

A Friendly Reminder from Warren Wilson’s Auto Shop

Transitioning into a New School Year

by Kate Lunquist, guest writer, the Wellness Cricket

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