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Introducing Student Caucus: Sept. 4 Meeting

by Andrew Marchev, staff writer

Today’s meeting was themed around introducing new students to Caucus, and the governance system at Warren Wilson in general.

As the co-conveners explained, Caucus has an important role in governance, and acts as the main instrument for student voice within the governance structure. As co-convener MaggieMae Farthing said, Caucus is “the pulse of the student body”.

Caucus is a place where important issues are raised and discussed, as well as certain motions are voted on. If a motion is approved by Caucus, it goes to Staff Forum to be voted on, and vice versa. Once something is approved by both Forum and Caucus, it goes to the College President to get signed, and once getting this signature, goes to the Board of Trustees for final approval.

All students are members of Caucus, but only those who attend regularly can become voting members. Voting membership is gained by attending two out of three consecutive meetings, and is lost by missing four meetings in a row.

After an explanation of governance, and a chance for questions from members, the co-conveners opened discussion to committees, and possible membership in them.

At the meeting, printed copies of the Caucus constitution were unveiled. The constitution had not as of yet been printed out in pamphlet form, and the hope is that its printing will result in better understanding of Caucus by the community at large, as well as improved attendance of Caucus. For a copy, or for more information about Caucus, stop by the co-conveners’ office in the basement of Gladfelter, on the ramp down to the post office. You can also contact the co-conveners through email, at caucus@warren-wilson.edu.

After announcements, Caucus was adjourned.


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