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A Big Big Love: Katie the Dairy Cow Finds Herself Pregnant

by Jake Fraser, staff writer

Katie's calf is due in October. Photo by Jake Fraser.

Katie, our dairy cow, is now pregnant with her third calf, and will not be producing milk until after the calf is born.

Katie is a five year old Jersey breed. Jersey cows produce higher fat content in their milk than all other dairy breeds. The Farm Crew has sold Katie’s milk to the community for almost five years.

This Jersey girl’s “udders are taking a long needed break”, Cattle Crew boss Virginia explained.

“When a cow is lactating, they really put almost all of what they consume into milk production,” Hamilton said. “We slowly tapered off of milking to dry her off. This way all those nutrients can help her put on a little weight and help the developing calf.”

After the calf is born in October, Katie will be producing colostrum. Some consider colostrum to be a super food, full of antibodies and antioxidants. Before the development of antibiotics, colostrum was the main source of immunoglobulins used to fight infections. In fact, when Albert Sabin made his first oral vaccine against polio, the immunoglobulin he used came from bovine colostrum.


One Response to “A Big Big Love: Katie the Dairy Cow Finds Herself Pregnant”

  1. I read with fascination the 9/7/12 Echo story about Katie the cow. I found myself gripping my mouse as I scrolled down, the writer drawing me into this compelling bovine-interterest tale of love, compassion and, ultimately, acceptance of our existential condition.

    If I overreached a bit to the emotive thrust of the prose, it may be a result of the synchronicity of things; I had actually ingested a dairy product immediately prior to reading the article.

    Acknowledging the limitations of my personal ability to affect change of anything but myself in this ever-expanding universe; within moments after reading the article….and I’m hereby making this public…I pledged to abstain from consuming dairy products until Katie’s expectant calf no longer consumes dairy products.

    Buddhists say that of the highest virtues; compassion, generosity, honesty, kindness etc…the highest virtue is patience. “What do we want?…patience. When do we want it?….now!

    I encourage all people everywhere to join the bovine colostrum cause. Katie’s udders are taking a break, …and so are we!

    Katie, we love you. Scribe yolo.

    Posted by greg anton | September 18, 2012, 4:58 am

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