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Community Meeting Held to Discuss Changes to Expect This Year

by Micah Wilkins, Editor

Community Meetings are held once a month, and each meeting has a theme. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged all to attend.

The school year’s first community meeting took place Wednesday and highlighted the changes that we can expect this year, from new policies that are in the works, to department evaluations and more.

Each of the policy committees, represented by a PAC (President’s Advisory Council) member, went over the projected changes their areas will soon see.

WPAC, the Work Program Advisory Committee, will be reviewing all of their policies and procedures this year, according to Dean of Work Ian Robertson.

“We’re reassessing those crews which received low evaluations on learning,” Robertson said in Wednesday’s meeting. “We want to train supervisors to ensure that the learning that we want to take place actually takes place.”

The WPO also hopes to review the timing when work evaluations are turned in. According to Robertson, at the end of the semester, which is a busy time of the year, there is less opportunity for change. Giving work evaluations at the end of the first term is currently being considered, Robertson said.

Student Life also hopes to make some changes this year, starting with more communication between the department and the students. According to Dean of Students Paul Perrine, Student Life will send out monthly newsletters to campus.

Student Life will also work on creating a substance abuse policy that is more understandable and clear, and revising the sexual assault policy.

The Service Program Advisory Committee just completed passing the new service requirement, and will work this year on practice and implementation of the new requirements, not only among freshmen, but also among upperclassmen, who are still under the 100-hour requirement.

According to Jonathan Ehrlich, on behalf of the Administrative Policy Committee, the Human Resources department at Warren Wilson will be evaluated. In addition, the committee will work on developing a code of ethics for how the college conducts business. Ehrlich hopes that these ethics will parallel the college’s mission of sustainability.

“This discussion will continue for a while, and we’ll need to hear from a wide range of people,” Ehrlich said Wednesday.

The next Community Meeting will take place Oct. 3.


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