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The Narrative in Quilt: Fiber Arts Crew Creates Quilt to Illustrate the History of the Crew

by Sam Rivkin, staff writer

Photo by Wyatt Pace

The Fiber Arts Crew’s latest project idea is to make a quilt that illustrates the history of the crew, and why it’s an important part of the work program and the culture of our campus. Weaving is a long-standing tradition in our region, and the Fiber Arts Crew’s goal is to revive and keep that tradition going at Warren Wilson.

Crew boss Melanie Wilder and all of the student crew members came up with the idea for the quilt last semester and are currently researching and working on the project, which will be centered around a timeline of the history of weaving.

The crew also simply wants Wilson students to know they exist; with their studio all the way out on Fortune property and not a huge number of people on the crew, the only part of the very involved process that students usually see is the final result when the crew has a sale for their products.

The crew members are now also learning new skills related to fiber arts (such as sewing and embroidery) in addition to the usual weaving, spinning, felting and dyeing, which will probably have a role in the quilt project as well. So keep an eye out for the quilt and some other cool stuff on sale from the crew.


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