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Swannanoa Journal Looking for Submissions

by Heather Claypoole, staff writer

Our very own Swannanoa Journal (SJ) is currently being broadcast on four different radio stations.

But Swannanoa Journal Supervisor, Phillip Gibson, hopes SJ’s radio presence will grow.

“I would like to see the Swannanoa Journal being broadcast on most, if not all, of the college radio stations in North Carolina or the Appalachian region.”

Every couple of weeks, the two members of the SJ Crew go to Asheville FM’s studio in West Asheville to record their stories.

Typically, the SJ crew members write one to two articles, but faculty adviser of the Swannanoa Journal Lockie Hunter and director of the undergraduate writing program Catherine Reid also lead their classes in composing Swannanoa Journals.

Once the articles are written and reviewed by faculty, they’re passed to Gibson whose expertise is in the studio—managing the technical parts and the output of the recordings themselves. “We edit [recordings], ensure technical quality, and then those are given to me by whoever records, and then we distribute them on to the radio stations by e-mail.”

Gibson is hoping to grow his small crew as well, so writers and NPR hopefuls, if you wish to build your portfolio and have your voice on the radio, the Swannanoa Journal is looking for new crew members for the fall! They also accept submissions from outside the crew.

Gibson said, “The Swannanoa Journal is open to anyone. If anyone on campus is interested in sharing their voice…there’s a whole host of articles that are online where people can hear what’s been done before.”

Gibson strongly advocates against doing something that has been done before, for example gardening articles.

While most stories pertain to environmental sustainability issues in the southern Appalachian bioregion, Gibson said, “I would love to have articles, even in the summer because when the semester ends the articles are still running on the radio. So, there are people who have experiences in the summer, whether it be an internship or a job that they may have or just going hiking across the southern Appalachian mountains or something like that, that would make for a really good story.”

What’s coming up next for the Swannanoa Journal?

Gibson discussed the new thirty-second nature based snippets that have been running on different radio stations lately, and how the Swannanoa Journal, and ultimately Warren Wilson, might be able to be the source of those environmental factoids. “We could queue up a number of sound bites about everything…there’s a whole host of opportunities. And as Warren Wilson is regarded as one of the top environmental colleges in the country, it’s just a way for us to expand our coverage. A lot of people know what our students are capable of and some of the research going on by our faculty.”

If you’re interested in contributing any factoids or submitting stories to the Swannanoa Journal or even interested in joining this dynamic crew, contact pgibson@warren-wilson.edu or lhunter@warren-wilson.edu.


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