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Surfing the Urge During Final’s Week

by Kate Lunquist, guest writer, the Wellness Cricket

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. ~World Health Organization, 1948

It is somewhat humorous that as I write this article I am home sick… I suppose that is what I get for playing soccer in the freezing rain for two hours. The quote above caught my attention as I was browsing the web for some health promotion pages. We often think we are healthy only when we are not sick in bed. I think it is vital to remember that health is beyond trying to avoid fever or nasty colds. It is a physical, mental and social well being for the individual.

This past month, Diana Diamant and I accompanied Professor Bob Swoap to the Art and Science of Health Promotion in San Diego, California. While it took a lot of effort and planning to have my school work set before taking a week off from school, it was well worth the adventure. 700 people joined together in San Diego to listen to speakers lecture on how to health promotion in community, within an organization, for clients, and for the self. This was scientifically supported research on how to improve the vitality of the physical body and therefore improve the vitality of the mind. Swoap’s presentation was focused on what elite athletes can teach us about health promotion. The lecture was extremely well received; he included vision and goal setting, creating good habits, reading and responding to cues, utilizing teammates, focus, and self talk (breaking through to what you thought was not possible).

One of the things that really stuck was in two lectures: Bob’s, and a woman named Margaret Moore who linked neuroscience with health coaching. Both addressed surfing the urge. This is described as feeling whatever your craving is, noticing it, and continuing to be aware of it and letting it eventually fade (of course you can also go do something else to get it off your mind).

I think it is easy during finals to forget to take care of your health, but in reality the more that you do, the more you exercise and eat well, the more you sleep, the better you will do with end of semester deadlines. Surf the urge, set your goals, use your resources, and focus until we can all celebrate the start of summer!

My best friend lives in Hawaii. She offered me this piece of advice, and it is the Tip of the Week:

Keep paddling through the waves.


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