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Shaman Leads Students Through Spiritual Journeys

by Sam Rivkin, staff writer

On Feb. 27, March 5, and March 26, Danielle Creeksong, an Interfaith EcoSpiritual Minister came to Wilson to lead sessions in “Shamanic journeying for personal guidance and connecting into nature.” These sessions were held in the garden cabin and lasted about two hours. There was a good turnout with around 30 people filling up the Garden Cabin each time, showing that this is something many students at Wilson are interested in and maybe could be an activity that we have more regularly on campus. The majority of the session was devoted to a group discussion about shamanic journeying and spirituality in general, with the actual journeys lasting about 15 minutes. According to Sophomore Ryan Kingrey, who attended these meetings, the point of the journeys was to have “a space where people can lose themselves in the moment.” Kingrey said that the main thing he took away from them was learning “to keep an open mind to people’s views and to try new things.”


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