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New York Times Puts Spotlight on Herb Crew

by Becky Holcomb, staff writer

Despite a recent New York Times article stating that the Herb Crew is profitable, the Crew’s members insist its purpose is mainly educational.

Crew member Luna Dietrich is a sophomore majoring in Biology and Biochemistry. Dietrich said, “Our products help a lot of people, but I wouldn’t say Herb Crew brings the school more or less money than any other crew.”

The Herb Crew’s money comes from a pooled budget with Garden Crew. Members of Herb crew say the New York Times article was accurate, but that the money made went right back into the garden instead of bringing the school more money.

Also, the article emphasized the Crew’s once a year sale held every winter and not its yearly profits, which fluctuate.

Crew member Hannah Schiller said, “Everything is connected. We have a budget that stays the same all year no matter how much we make. We grow in the garden and then we make our products with things from the garden, and then people come to us when they want them. It’s more about learning how to make good products.”

During an interview with the Herb Crew, a man came in asking for Wonderbalm, saying it was the only thing that could cure his infant’s skin issues. The crew members told me that is what their job is mainly about: helping the community.

Also, since the New York Times article came out, ten orders were placed in one morning from consumers in other states.

“We don’t have a webpage for our products for people to order them online; we might start a paypal account though, on the inside page,” said crew member Ally Showalter.

Schiller summed it up when she said, “The article was a good thing, but we are all here to learn: learn how to run a small business, to make products, and to help the community. That’s what [Herb Crew] is really about.”


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