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If You Got Soul, Let the World Know: Wilson Student Alex Krug Hosts Songwriting Competition Downtown

by Becky Holcomb, staff writer

Alex Krug is a musician, junior, and art major at Wilson who hosts the Brown Bag singer/songwriters competition held every Wednesday at the One Stop Deli in downtown Asheville. Many of you might have seen the flyers and wondered about this event. If you are interested in a competition where you can show off your creativity and originality, go to it! Krug personally recommends “anyone with soul.”

The rules are simple: Show up at the One Stop Deli on Wednesday at six to sign up; the show starts at six thirty, and it cost three dollars to enter. You can play three songs, and the songs must be yours–no covers. According to Krug, the performers are judged on lyrics, vocal performance, instrument playing, and stage presence.

The weekly winner then goes on to compete in the All-Star Brown Bag Finals, a contest that last year Krug’s band, called the Alex Krug Trio, won.

“We won $500 bucks and some recording time. Through that we also received a heavy dose of respect in town. Its a really honest way to gain a name. You’ve earned it!”

Alex’s band has expanded since winning the Brown Bag. It’s now called The Alex Krug Combo, and has drums, bass, violin, upright bass, and sometimes slide guitar.

Krug got into hosting the competition through Jenny Greer. Greer is a local graphic designer, artist, and musician herself, who got the competition going at the root bar about seven years ago.

She knew Krug would make sure the competition continued.

Krug said, “The Brown Bag is a symbol of the many ways folks who attend contribute to the music community. We all put money in the bag. We’re all in it really, whether we’re contributing through our appreciation for song and voice and music by listening, or by creating songs and sharing them, or by conversation and making friends.

“The actual brown paper bag is a symbol of this. At the beginning of the night, the songwriters all put three bucks in the brown paper bag. During the evening I pass it around to the listeners, to throw in some bills. At the end of the evening the winner gets the bag.”

Krug suggests if you don’t advance in the competition, to keep trying. Keep in mind there are a lot of talented people in the area. However, if you work hard and put soul into what you do, head on down to Brown Bag Competition at the One Stop Deli for this unique singer/songwriter’s competition, hosted by Wilson Student and musician, Alex Krug.


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