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Herb and Wellness Crew to Host Herb Symposium

by Indy Srinath, staff writer

Warren Wilson College will host an herb symposium April 7, a collaboration between the Herb Crew and the Wellness Crew. Photo by Wyatt Pace

Spring is coming, and she’s not showing up empty-handed. There will be cherry blossoms on your doorstep, fresh arugula in your salad, sunshine gilding your afternoon, and an Herb Symposium on April 7.

“We hosted a symposium about three years ago, and to my knowledge it was a great success. …The whole event is in honor of Frank Cook, an herbalist from the area who passed away a few years ago and taught at the first symposium…20 percent of the proceeds are going to Plants and Healers International, which is a foundation in honor of him,” Hannah Schiller from the Herb Crew said.

The symposium is a collaboration between the Herb Crew and the Wellness Crew. It will feature four different sessions in which students and community members can attend events such as plant walks, workshops on how to use medicinal herbal honey, or presentations on food and farming.

These sessions will be taught and led by local herbalists as well as Wilson students and professors. Daisy Marquis, a local herbalist and founder and director of the Shanti Collective, will host a session on sacred herbal oils. Garden Supervisor Pat Ross and his wife, Susan, will teach a session about biodynamics–a spiritual, ethical, ecological approach to agriculture, food production, and nutrition. The Herb Crew will host a salve making workshop and demonstration. Lunch will feature additional presentations, as well as a flute meditation led by local flutemaker Geri Littlejohn.

Wellness Crew member Julia Lehr said, “Our crew and the Herb Crew have been organizing this since the beginning of the semester. The Healing Foods Crew is providing snacks and dinner for the speakers as well as the Herb and Wellness Crew. The Body Work Sub Crew will be giving massages and the Apothecary Crew will provide herbal snacks.”

The event is free to all Wilson students, $20 for non students, and $50 for other community members. There will be student made crafts sold by the Blacksmithing, Fiber Arts, Fine Woodworking, Ceramics, and Recycling Crews. One can register by contacting herb@warren-wilson.edu.


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