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Announcement from Caucus: Play Day 2012!

by Ben Surface, Guest Writer

We have Service Day, we have Triad Day, and we have Work Day. These special days represent what we do here at Warren Wilson that makes us special, but they leave something out. After a week of classes, service projects and fifteen hours of work, we break up into our groups of friends and enjoy the weekend. It’s time that we have a day not already dedicated to The Triad to celebrate the time we spend together as a community. Here it is–Play Day 2012!

These festivities will round out what has been an excellent year here at Warren Wilson. As we rejoice over the things we have done as a community, this day will also be our chance to commemorate the six years we have had with President Sandy Pfeiffer at the helm. Sandy has graciously offered to sponsor this event and this will serve as a final, community-wide goodbye shebang for our retiring president.

On Friday, May 4, we will kick off the festivities with a Greek themed, Work Crew Parade. The parade will end near the Pavilion, where there will be fun, field day type games—tug of war, bean bag toss, blob tag, etc.—and a picnic meal will be served. As dinner winds down, the music will start; Student Activities is currently looking into having local bands play a concert in the Pavilion.

The music will go into the night, people will be free to come and go, dance together, or sit on the grass listening and enjoying the spring air on the final weekend before graduation. And then, as the live music wraps up, the campus will go quiet for only a moment before the tunes start bumping again from Bryson Gym as a Play Day dance party swings into action.


2 Responses to “Announcement from Caucus: Play Day 2012!”

  1. I think it needs to be star wars themed, for it is on may fourth

    Posted by bryce | April 15, 2012, 11:20 pm
  2. Hula Hoops! Will there be hula hoops? If so, everything sounds lovely!

    Posted by Olive | April 16, 2012, 3:47 pm

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