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An Open Letter to Campus from the Preston House

Dear Friends,

The past few times Preston House has hosted parties there have been reported instances of vandalism and disrespect to our neighbors on North Lane. These actions have unfortunately reflected badly on the Preston House project and the possibility of integration amongst students, staff, and faculty in our community. We hope to foster a greater sense of community and communication on campus — one that includes mutual respect among everyone.

It is our goal as a house to engage our community and be accessible through events such as potlucks, open-mics, skill shares, guest speakers, movie screenings, and an always open park that we maintain for Warren Wilson community members. When our peers choose to disrespect the community we inhabit and cultivate, it makes these efforts seem smaller and less worthwhile and it jeopardizes the future possibilities for students to participate in housing cooperatives.

Our intention is not to place blame, and we would like to open doors of communication so that these issues can be talked about in the open instead of held behind doors. Preston House loves having visitors and sharing our projects and space; we welcome further discussion and ideas about what it means to live in community.


The Preston House

Zac Tate, Nora White , Evan Cohen, Alex Barbour, Derek Roy, Chloe Smith, Dan Segal, Madalyn Baldwin


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