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Punk is Different at Warren Wilson

by Becky Holcomb, staff writer

Freshmen Maxi Adelstein and Ben Algeroy played in Vining C March 23 in their band Bugs N Thugs. Photo by Wyatt Pace

On March 23, yet another punk show was held in lower Vining C. The opening band, Setback, was the complete opposite of what followed. Maxi Adelstein and Ben Algeroy of Bugs N Thugs harmonized a Taylor Swift cover over the slash and crash of drums, throwing in a happy birthday song for their friend Kyle.

It sounded, in a way, very reminiscent of the Moldy Peaches meets Blink-182. What punk is, whatever it was, is drastically reconstructed on this campus, as well as in our society.

Setback, to me, is a group trying to embody the original purpose of punk. But what does that even mean?

Wilson student and guitarist Ben Everett tells me the original purpose of punk was to provide an alternative experience to mainstream music in the 1970s. He stated, “Punk attacked a lot of the isms: ageism, sexism, capitalism.”

But is this really still the purpose of punk? I am no expert, though I do know that music is an outlet and the stage a place for expression. Both Setback and Bugs N thugs, as well as the two-person ensemble Gay Uncle “brought down the house” and enjoyed it all the while.

That’s the most important thing according to all of the bands that played. And I think we were all a bit surprised that Wilson students could form a fairly decent mosh pit.

The audience shoved one another and screamed. A nose was broken and blood was shed. Harrison Simms, vocalist for Setback, was hard to miss as he collided with audience members and screamed out provocative lyrics that some might consider obscene.

By the end of their six-song set, Harrison Simms, Ben Everett, Collin Hoban, Jason Clements, and Rhys Williamson were sweaty and accomplished. They tried to break things such as the ceiling fan, their own instruments, and equipment the other bands planned on using.

However, nothing was seriously damaged apart from the musicians’ own instruments. After the show a representative from student life informed the members of Setback that they probably would be banned from playing in Vining C again. Does this matter to Setback? No. As you are reading this they are rocking, they are rolling, and they are probably trying to break ceiling fans.


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