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Students Who Lose Roommates Have a New Option

by Tim Burkhardt, staff writer

Every semester at Warren Wilson a handful of students will lose their roommates. Because of incompatibility, academic suspension, or some random happenstance, rooms once shared will become occupied by only one student. This remaining student will then have to find a friend to move in with them, or place a bet in a round of roommate roulette.

The official school policy is written in the Housing Form which all on-campus students sign upon arrival. It states: “Housing reserves the right to change a student’s room assignment, when it is deemed in the best interest of the College, at any time during the academic year.” This is rather vague, but in essence it means that without a roommate, a student in a double should be expecting to be moved or to have someone move in with them.

This semester, the Student Life Housing department has come up with a new option. Any student who has lost a roommate and does not want a new one may pay to keep the room a single. The room will cost $775, which is the same rate as a standard sized single. Building services is even willing to help remove extra furniture from the room.

A student in this situation who does not want to pay for a single has three other choices. First, seek out a roommate of his or her own choosing. Second, the student may choose to move in with someone else. The final option is for the student to keep one dresser, desk, and bed empty, and await the arrival of anyone Housing sees fit to place in the room. Any student who takes this option must notify housing of the decision, and accept whoever may move in.

According to Student Life, no students have been forced to pay the fee, and so far no one has been forced into a living situation which they did not choose. Many of the students paid for singles, and some found new people to live with. A few await the arrival of their mystery roommates.

Living alone in a double is an option that has been made available to students this semester. Anyone who is willing to pay for the privacy of a single can contact Housing to inquire as to how this is done. According to Joyce Milling, “The only thing that has changed is that now students are able to buy doubles at the single rate [this semester]. This is an opportunity, not a policy.”


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