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Still Brewing: Sage Cafe Sticks to Dynamite Roasting Co. Coffee

by Indy Srinath, staff writer

Photo illustration by Josh Reiss and Wyatt Pace

Nestled amongst the myriad of late night munchy satisfying favorites there lies a choice greater than choosing potato or tortilla chips to accompany your panini. Amid the usual selection of gluten free chocolate raspberry cookies, mouth watering vegan cranberry scones, and savory oven fresh foccacia at Sage Cafe, there is a box. Armed with nothing more than a golf pencil and a brownie sized slip of paper, students could cast their vote into the box appropriately labeled “coffee selection” to choose whether they wanted to keep the current coffee supplier (Dynamite Roasting coffee) or switch to a cheaper brand (Waffle House).

As of Jan. 31 the campus chose to keep Dynamite coffee as their coffee supplier for Sage Cafe.

Previously, Sage had served Dynamite Roasting coffee with ‘free, never ending refills’. Unfortunately, however, this risked the fiscal stability of the cafe.

The need for a change stemmed from the decrease in revenue from coffee sales . Factors such as free refills and inconsistencies in the ‘bring your own mug’ size (some students would fill truck driver sized mugs to the brim on a free refill) contributed to an overall monetary dillemma. In a crew meeting, Sage Cafe decided the best fix for the problem would be to allow the students to vote on whether they want to keep Dynamite Coffee (serving it at the same price) while eliminating free refills or switch to a cheaper brand of coffee and keep the refills gratuit.

When we voted to keep our current coffee ,the vote ran deeper than just remaining fiscally balanced. We voted local fair trade over frugality; we voted for quality (and equaliity!) over all else–a trend that we aim to mimic in all things Warren Wilson. Through a democratic system we managed to achieve what (on a grander scale) we are hoping to achieve nationally–a heightened awareness of how our actions on a small scale affect the population. By choosing coffee we made change…and saved some too!


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