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Smells Like School Spirit: The Owls’ 84-76 Victory Against Montreat

by Michael Carter, guest writer

Junior Dan Jackson contributed to the Owls 84-76 victory against Montreat Jan 30. Photo by Wyatt Pace

When I walked into the gym for the Montreat game I expected the usual sparse crowd of a few dozen or so Wilson kids. I was looking forward to spreading out on the bleachers, talking with a few friends and watching the step team performance.

When I walked in however, I saw the stands packed with Owls screaming and cheering. I thought I was in the wrong building for a second.

I quickly caught up with some friends and started watching the game. But what entranced me the most (though the game was extremely well played) was the crowd. All around me were Wilson kids, showing their stuff.

Paul Neubauer was hoarse from screaming the whole game. Nathan Cogsdale ran back and forth coaxing the crowd and waving his mounted owl staff without trepidation, and people I didn’t even know welcomed me like an old friend and made room as I shuffled past through the crowded bleachers.

You could tell the crowd was feeding off the energy of the players but also each other.

We all know community is a buzz word here at Wilson but other than the randomly crowded weekend Schafer parties I don’t normally see that many Wilson kids in one place, outside of mealtimes.

It felt good to be a part of the crowd and to cheer for our team, the guys we live and work with everyday. There aren’t many times here when you can show off your Wilson pride; everybody’s busy in the thick of it working, studying, worrying and partying.

It was awesome to feel so much a part of something, a collective appreciation of where we are and our shared experience here. You could see it in the faces of folks as they rubbed the now extra lucky owl staff after our win.

I’ve never been one for school spirit but dammit that night I’ve never felt more proud of being an Owl.

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