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From Pie Shop to Cowpie: The Vegan Cafe Hires a New Sous Chef

by Indy Srinath, staff writer

The new addition to Cowpie Cafe, Ben Herring, is a 2008 Warren Wilson alumni. Photo by Josh Reiss

Kale is simmering in a curry ginger sauce, thyme and basil are being added to a pot steaming with sweet smelling broth, and Ben Herring is calling the shots.

He might be the new Cowpie supervisor in training, but he isn’t new to Cowpie at all.

Ben is a 2008 Warren Wilson graduate and worked at Cowpie as a student.

Now he’s back in the kitchen, this time being trained by the current supervisors Craig Schulz and Shawn Parcels. The two seasoned supervisors have been, for the last two weeks, teaching Ben about being lead cook, how to manage the students and staff, food productions skills, and menu creation methods.

“The hardest part of being a cook is becoming familiar with the space, equipment, and style and Ben has that covered since he has already worked in Cowpie–he’s pretty ahead on the learning curve,” Parcels said.

Outside of Warren Wilson, Ben has other pots cooking.

He owns a bakery called Pies in Disguise that creates delicious handcrafted artisan pies. Being a Cowpie supervisor is a full time job and averages the typical 40 hour per week shifts, so Ben will have a lot on his plate this year.

“I’m excited to be training him. The students seem to really like him and I think he will do great things,” Parcels said.


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