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The Early Support System: What it is and how it works

by Tim Burkhardt, staff writer

The Early Support System is designed by the school to ensure that faculty can take notice of students who are struggling and provide them with the assistance they need. Early Support is a group made up of members of Student Life and the Work Program. The group meets once a week to discuss cases in which students look as if they are falling behind in academics or work hours.

The process is simple: if a student fails to show up to work or class for two days in a row, their supervisors and professors are supposed to contact Early Support members such as Karen Huntley at the Work Program Office or Brianna Quick with Student Life.

Names of students who may need assistance are provided by professors, crew bosses and members of Res Life. The Early Support team then contacts the student and sets up a meeting. After this, it is determined if there are any ways in which the school can assist the student, be that tutoring, counseling, or just a quick pep talk.

Warren Wilson is a work college and many first year students are under-prepared for the game of time management Tetris they must play in order to keep from falling behind.

Likewise, as students progress from Freshman to Senior, more constraints end up being placed on their weeks. This leaves less leeway for getting work or service hours. Early support serves to prevent struggling students from falling through the cracks.


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