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Population Control: Admissions Reports How Student Body Shrunk

by Tim Burkhardt, staff writer

The most recent Admissions report from school Vice President for Advancement Richard Blomgren states that campus has fewer students enrolled this semester than this time last year. Blomgren cites the cause of campus vacancies to be related to both lower admissions this Spring and also to a reduction in the retention rate of non-first year students. Non-first years had an unusual rise in academic and work related suspensions.

The report states that there were 28 suspensions of students last year. This is an increase of 11 suspensions compared to this time last year. Academic Support Services advisor Lynn O’Hare stated that none of the suspensions were behavior related however.

Headcount for Spring term is 813, down from 845 last January. The reasons given for the reduced size of this incoming Spring class as compared to last year’s are straightforward. Last year, according to the report, there were 21 new first year students compared to 14 this Spring.

While there has been a four percent improvement in overall retention rates, the returning non-first year population has shrunk. This is due partially to the above mentioned suspensions, and also to the fact that 53 students graduated in December. That is 10 more students than the 43 who graduated the same time last year. Overall retention from fall to spring for non first-year students was down from 84% to 81.4%.

According to Academic Support Services advisor Lynn O’Hare, students who went to tutoring were less likely to end up on academic probation. There are many opportunities for tutoring instruction on campus which include but are not limited to chemistry, math and writing, all of which can be of great service to students striving to improve their grades. Anyone who has a need for academic support should make a visit to the Dodge building to meet with Student Life for assistance and advice.


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