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Senior Nina Lantis Returns to Wilson in Good Spirits After Spinal Surgery

by Heather Claypoole, staff writer

Senior Nina Lantis was diagnosed with breast cancer, and received spinal surgery over winter break to remove tumors on her spine. Photo by Wyatt Pace.

By the looks of her I wouldn’t have guessed how tired she was, but when I spoke to Nina Lantis, we had trouble finding a spot where we could sit comfortably. Nina is recovering from spinal surgery. She is a second semester senior and, on top of taking 18 credits, she also took an online course over the break.

“It’s definitely overwhelming, but you just have to take each day as it comes,” she said.

If you attend Warren Wilson, you’ve probably seen her. Whether it was with the College Chorale, at the Armenian music concert she coordinated in November, or just bustling around the music department, you know who Nina is.

Over Winter break, Nina was diagnosed with breast cancer and received spinal surgery due to a body scan that showed tumors on her spine.

The surgery was a success, and Nina recovered more quickly than doctors expected her to. Though there’s still a ways to go on the road to recovery, Nina has high spirits.

The community has definitely helped her remain grounded, and positive as ever. She expressed gratitude for the “most amazing outpouring of prayers, good feelings and good thoughts.”

Friends have been visiting Nina and bringing her food, helping out with rides to school and homework assignments, doing energy healing, among other things that make her life a little easier.

“Coming back to Wilson is like coming home again, and it’s been the most heartwarming experience of my life,” she said.

Although they may seem like small things, Nina’s appreciation goes far and beyond. Her perseverance in school and her life is inspirational, and she stands as a beacon of hope and strength to us and those around her.

If you’d like to support Nina and chip in, join Nina’s Circle on Lotsa Helping Hands. Or just approach her. No one is a stranger on our campus according to Nina. “I’ve had people I don’t know come up to me and ask if there’s anything they can do. It says a lot about this school–the heartbeat of Wilson is unique.”


One Response to “Senior Nina Lantis Returns to Wilson in Good Spirits After Spinal Surgery”

  1. What an inspiring story! I am in awe of Nina and applaud her relentless spirit and upbeat outlook. Bravo, Nina! You’re in my prayers and I wish you the best.
    Story is very well written and wonderful human-interest piece, kudos!

    Posted by Bonnie C. | February 1, 2012, 4:15 am

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