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Warren Wilson Student Services No Longer Provides Shuttle Service to Asheville Regional Airport

by Nadia Pappalardo, staff writer

After receiving complaints from students, the College has decided to subsidize the newly outsourced shuttle service that transports students to the Asheville airport before and after school breaks.

Student Services had offered Warren Wilson students free transportation to the Asheville airport for years but, as of this semester, they have decided to no longer provide this service. Students will now pay $30 round trip, though the cost was originally $40.

Junior Charity Villines expressed her concerns and disappointment with the school on the Warren Wilson website regarding the cut of shuttle services. After drawing attention to the amount of freshmen without vehicles, the environmental impact of multiple cars driving back and forth to the airport, and the cost of using a new outside service, she asked for some clarity on why free shuttles are being shut down.

According to Judy Huber, College Academic Skills representative, and President Sandy Pfeiffer, the college had to make these cuts for many reasons. Such reasons include insufficient drivers, inconvenient shuttle times, and limited room for students, among other reasons.

“As a past driver, it is good for me to wake up at 8:00 in the morning instead of 4:00 in the morning while knowing that students are still getting rides to the airport,” says senior Carlos Lara. “It was a good source of money, but it was rough getting up in the morning and staying up through the whole day.”

While some students feel upset about the loss of this free service, some are trying to find a compromise that will make both staff and students happy.

“It makes sense, but maybe they should offer students a better incentive to drive,” says junior James Page. “But the free shuttles were wonderful.”

Feedback on the new shuttle service should be directed to Judy Huber.


One Response to “Warren Wilson Student Services No Longer Provides Shuttle Service to Asheville Regional Airport”

  1. My niece was coming in on Sunday to AVL airport and we wanted to get some information on when the shuttle runs, how much it costs to take a student back to Warren Wilson. Called general switchboard and they weren’t sure and referred me to someone in public safety. He wasn’t quite sure but he would try and find out who is handling shuttles now. He called and told me it was Young’s transportation but didn’t know number. I searched on internet, found them and called. They said it some other company that manages it and gave me a number. I called and got a number to call a person and I left a voice mail. My comment would be, if this is a fairly normal shuttle with a schedule, why not put on the Warren Wilson website—or at least a link to the company that has schedule. Would be very helpful.

    Posted by Mark Klotz | January 15, 2012, 2:30 pm

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