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Student Handbook Made Available Online to Warren Wilson College Students

by Josh Reiss, photographer

This year staff member Judy Huber formatted the online version of the Student Handbook into an easy to read digital flipbook, which simulates the experience of reading a book. The flipbook is more navigable than a PDF, the handbook’s previous format as a result of hyperlinks and the ability to skip pages.

The motivation behind the transition to the online version is to save resources, both paper and money. This is consistent with the Warren Wilson’s commitment to sustainability and is simply financially responsible. Additionally, the online version cannot be misplaced and is readily available on the web to any member of the community at any time.

For those searching, the student handbook can be found at the bottom of the inside page. If you’d like to look at a paper copy, there are a few copies printed each year. RAs and RDs receive a copy, there are several in Dodge, and one in the President’s office. Students who request hard copies are provided with one but very few do, according to Dean of Students, Deb Meyers.


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