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Bryson Climbing Wall Might Be Resurrected

by Sam Rivkin, copyeditor

Students and faculty who have been around Wilson for a while probably remember the climbing wall that used to be located at the back of Bryson gym. When Bryson was renovated, the wall was taken down. But since fall of 2010, there has been the idea of potentially reconstructing the wall.

Now a formal proposal has been issued suggesting that the wall be rebuilt. A survey was taken by Outdoor Programs to see if this would be a popular decision. So far, 322 people have responded to the survey, 90% of whom said that they would be interested in using the wall if one were built.

Currently, there is no exact cost placed on the building of the wall, though Jonathan Ehrlich, Vice President for Administration and Finance/Chief Sustainability Official, estimates that it would cost between $35 and $100 per square foot, meaning that a wall that is 50 feet long and 30 feet high would cost somewhere between $52,000 and $150,000.

Reinstating the climbing wall would mean that Warren Wilson students would no longer get the $3 discounted admission price at Climbax. However, this would benefit the college, because Outdoor Programs is currently spending $3,000 per year on a group membership that allows students to get the discounted rate. In spring of 2011, alone there were over 500 visits by Wilson students. In addition to saving money, having a wall on campus would allow students to climb without having to travel into Asheville, saving time as well as creating less pollution from transportation. It would also be an appealing addition for prospective students visiting the college.


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  1. That is one expensive wall! hehe

    Posted by Fredrik Karlsson | December 27, 2011, 2:46 pm

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