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Students Across the Country and Warren Wilson Students Petition to Protect Federal Aid

by Grace Hatton, staff writer

Over 70 percent of Warren Wilson students receive some kind of federal aid in order to fund their education, and every year this aid is threatened.

Last year, for example, due to budget cuts in Washington, the Academic Competitiveness Grant given to low-income students with high GPAs was cut entirely, leaving a hole in many students’ financial aid packages.

In order to protect federal aid for students, the organization Student Aid Alliance (SAA) was created. The Student Aid Alliance is a coalition of 62 higher education organizations united in their support of federal student aid.

According to SAA, recent budget deals have already cut $30 billion from student aid programs.

Besides advocating, SAA provides a free service that keeps students up to date on government aid cuts.

The SAA has also started a petition to save student aid, in an effort to keep college within reach for all American families. Wilson’s own financial aid department is concerned about the budget cuts threatening aid.

“We encourage students to sign the petition because we feel that Washington will hear your voice most strongly when deciding the future of financial aid. Every member of our office signed the petition to support our students,” Director of Financial Aid Kathy Pack said.

The petition was started on Oct. 24 and is backed by over 85,000 supporters, including educators, private citizens, and students.

The petition is a way for people to put pressure on the government to protect federal aid on all levels.

All that is needed for a student to sign the petition is the student’s first and last name, home institution, e-mail address, and zip code.

Sign the petition

With this petition, every student at Wilson and beyond has the opportunity to take an active role in the politics behind education, save federal aid, and make a positive difference for the future of education.


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