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Student Caucus Creates Special Committee to Bring Pub on Warren Wilson Campus

by Nadia Pappalardo, staff writer

In order to progress towards building a pub on campus, Deb Myers, Dean of Students, and Sandy Pfeiffer, President of Warren Wilson College, expressed that a proposal should be composed explaining how the pub will coincide with the alcohol policy enforced at Warren Wilson.

A committee has been put together by a collection of volunteers to write the proposal. The committee’s job is to create a proposal that expresses the community’s vision of how this pub should be set in place.

Once the proposal is written, it will be presented to the Board of Trustees and the Presidential Advisory Committee. They will review the proposal and decide whether or not to proceed towards bringing the pub to the college.

The Board of Trustees is concerned about the reputation of Warren Wilson College. The proposal must evince that the pub will be a positive contribution to the image of the college.

“They want us to have a calm, happy campus,” says Kyja Wilburn-Hyde, Co-Convener of Caucus.

The Student Culture Task Force, Pub Committee, and Caucus are working together to ensure that the pub will be beneficial to the college, yet abide by the alcohol policy.

The pub was discussed at the Caucus meeting Tuesday, October 1st. Meyers and Pfeiffer both attended the meeting to provide information.

The proposed pub would be administered by the food service provider of the college. Warren Wilson College will not take on the liability of running a venue that serves alcohol under the school’s name.

Many community members voiced that they would like the pub to be a place where someone can shed their work jackets, buy a locally brewed beer, and discuss community issues amongst friends and colleagues.

Students and staff say the pub could bring a multitude of positive benefits to Warren Wilson College. Having a place on campus where one can simply buy a beer and socialize can decrease the amount of binge drinking in dormitories, decrease the number of 21-year-old students going off campus and buying alcohol for minors, and can create a harmonious place for the community to socialize.


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