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On The Verge Set to Premiere on Warren Wilson College Theatre Stage

by Sam Rivkin, copy editor

For those who haven’t heard, the Warren Wilson theater department’s latest venture, a play called On The Verge, is a show with a small cast that goes on a big adventure. The story features three single, rich Victorian women in the late 1800’s who decide to embark on a journey to exotic lands, only to find themselves actually traveling through time, ending up in the 1950’s before they even realize what’s happened.

Candace Taylor, the director of the show, chose it because when Little Shop of Horrors was cancelled, the department needed a quick replacement, preferably one that was also a comedy, which On The Verge promises to be. She also likes the broad scope of subjects the play covers, incorporating history, outdoor exploration, and highlighting an extensive vocabulary of unfamiliar, outdated language, for which there will be a reference guide in the playbill. The show also focuses on women and gender issues.

When talking with Candace, I was impressed by how passionate and dedicated she is to the cause of increasing the scope of the theater department’s role at Warren Wilson and getting more people involved. Another reason Candace chose On The Verge, which has a cast of four people, three of whom are female, is that she has experience with who typically shows up for auditions at Warren Wilson: women, and not very many of them. So to get more people involved for this show, she cast four freshman as understudies. The alternate actors will be doing their own daytime performance during the week that the show is on.

But Candace wants to expand the impact of the theater even more. The more people participate, the bigger and more involved the plays can be. She understands the reasons why people don’t get involved in productions, but wants to alleviate some of those concerns, saying, “It’s not scary. There is time. We can work with you.” For those who aren’t performers, there are still many opportunities to be part of the theater experience, including costume and set design, as well as coming out and supporting our classmates by attending the plays.

So let’s all get up and show our theater department some love. On The Verge will be showing at Kittredge November 17-20 at 8pm.



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