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Funky Indie Rock Asheville Duo, Stereofidelics, to play at Sage Cafe at Warren Wilson College Saturday

by Maddy Dillon, staff writer

Stereofidelics are set to play at Sage Cafe this Saturday, Nov. 12, at 9 pm.

The self-proclaimed funky indie rock duo has been compared to the White Stripes in the past, and guitar player/singer Chris Padgett is flattered by the comparison.

“I feel like more and more these days people make the comparison not just because we are a guy/girl duo but because of the intensity and excitement of our live shows. In fact, lately when asked what we sound like we say it is a cross between White Stripes and James Brown’s backup band … a funky, hard-groovin’, hard-rockin’ duo,” Padgett wrote in an e-mail to The Echo.

The Asheville-area duo is excited for the chance to perform for a new crowd of people and hope to start developing an audience here at Warren Wilson. However, Padgett feels like they get tossed into the “local band” category too often.

Chris and his right-hand lady Melissa McGinley are actually on the road more days of the year than they are home and hope to continue this trend.

“Not everyone that graduates from WWC will stay in the area. Some will move near and far, and if they move to markets we perform regularly, it will be fun for both us and them to meet again at a show hundreds if not thousands of miles away,” Padgett wrote.

According to Padgett, the best thing about being on tour is being able to play every night for a new, ever-growing group of enthusiastic people.

“Being a completely independent band, it means so much when we return to a city we’ve worked hard in and see 150 people turn out for the show on account of us. There’s no question as to why they are there, and that’s pretty cool. Also, the late night food: Midwest is Steak ‘n Shake; Mid-Atlantic, it’s Sheetz; Nebraska, it’s the Hi-Way Diner; West Coast, it’s the In-N-Out Burgers that are open super-late; and of course the Casa de Waffle,”

Their music is influenced by many different genres: rock, jazz, soul. But according to Padgett their unique blend formed naturally.

“We don’t try to sound like any particular band or combination of bands (though it seems people like to compare new things to old things to help them categorize, and that’s fine); we just play what we are supposed to play and play it as bad-ass as universally possible. There’s no thought that goes into true style; just one’s essence and an appreciation for the shared experience that we all get from music.”

In addition to hearing that the bacon used in Pisgah Brewing Company’s Bacon Stout comes from the Warren Wilson Farm, Padgett and Melissa have the impression that Wilson is a very open-minded school.

“[Wilson is] providing a unique but invaluable kind of atmosphere to develop your desired skill set (differing say, from the rigid and predestined educational path provided by state schools). [It’s] the kind of school we wish we had gone to,” Padgett wrote in an e-mail to The Echo.


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