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Get Pumped: A look at the New Personal Training Crew on Warren Wilson College Campus

by Grace Hatton, staff writer

Nicholas "Big Nick" Struer in the training room. Photo by Wyatt Pace.

There are always new work crews springing up here at Wilson, and some are often unusual or unexpected. One of the latest crews to appear in the Wilson community is the personal training crew. The personal training crew is the brain child of Wilson student Nicholas Stuer. Stuer has been training in weight lifting for around six years and successfully coached himself in order to attain the under 18 Maine state record in deadlift (529.7 lbs) when he was seventeen. Stuer started the crew because he believes in the opportunity training gives people to be the best they can be.

“I started this crew because I truly believe that strength is one of the most valuable tools that a person can have. My weightlifting has led me to living an easier life. Because of my workouts I have better posture, more endurance in daily activities and have also gained a tremendous amount of mental strength, which I actually value more than the physical aspects. Even though I am personally training people, I do not see myself as a mentor. I see myself as a gateway into their true potential. I do not yell and push people beyond their strength because I see that as useless. If I were to force someone to do a workout even though they felt they could not, they will rely on others to push them forward for the rest of their life. Instead, if I can get someone to pump themselves up and push their own boundaries, they become more determined in life and apply this drive to other things, such as school and work. It is from this notion that I think this crew is an asset,” says Stuer.

Stuer works with students to create a personal training program that works best for the individual. “There is no such thing as a typical training session because I do them all on the fly. I have a general Idea of a body group that is going to be worked and then I talk to my trainee to see what their day was like and how they feel. If they are amped up and ready to go, we work hard together. If the day was rough then we go easy,” says Stuer.

The personal training crew is a great new addition to the Wilson community, and any student interested in setting up a personal training session can contact Stuer for details at nstuer@wwc.edu.


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