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Warren Wilson Theater Department to produce “On the Verge”

by Maddy Dillon, staff writer

The Theatre Department’s production of the play “On the Verge” by Eric Overmeyer is underway. The musical “Little Shop of Horrors” was expected to be produced this fall but was canceled due to suspended production rights.

“Rights in the theatre are a tricky thing, and we are doing our best to put it behind us and move on,” Director Candace Taylor said.

While losing production rights is a rare thing, it happens. Despite rumors, the department will not be producing “Little Shop of Horrors” in the spring. They are still in the process of choosing a musical.

Auditions for “On the Verge” were held last week on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

“We really would like to see [students] more involved [in theatre]. We would like to see more people to show up for auditions,” Taylor said.

“If acting isn’t your thing, “there’s always plenty to do back stage,” Taylor added.

Rehearsals started Wednesday for the four-person cast comprised of anthropology major Valerie Nichols, and theater majors Sam Stewart, Bennie Matesich, and Mike Willey.

The play follows the adventures of three Victorian women as they explore Terra Incognita, a new land in disguise. Traveling through the late-nineteenth century to 1955, the women recognize changes involving women and ultimately find themselves on the verge of discovering a kind of freedom.

To learn more about the theatre department, and to preview the Yetti costume that will appear in this production, watch our Reverb video, Meet Bev!

According to Taylor, “On the Verge” will appeal to a wide range of audience members.

“Students will enjoy the anachronistic aspects, and there are a lot of literary references for writers. There is activity and comedy for people who want to be entertained and the older community will recognize [dated products like] Burma shave,” Taylor said.

Mark your calendars: performance dates are scheduled for Nov. 17-20.



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