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Warren Wilson College to Host Soccer Nationals

by Maddy Dillon, staff writer

Warren Wilson will be hosting the USCAA 2011 & 2012 Men and Women’s Soccer National Championships Nov. 3-5. Games will be played at the JB Lewis Soccer Complex. Located near the WNC Nature Center, the complex holds four full-size artificial turf fields. Sixteen colleges, mostly from the Northeast, will be competing at the championships.

“It adds an element of excitement to know we are in this post-season tournament. The players have something to play for,” said women’s head soccer coach Stacey Enos.

The last time the women’s soccer team competed in Nationals was in 2006.

While other colleges are invited to play in the championships based on their ranking, the hosting team is given an automatic bid. This is great opportunity for Warren Wilson since Enos feels like the women’s team starts to peak at the beginning of October, over a month into the season.

“We need time to figure each other out,” Enos added.

Hosting isn’t merely an opportunity to play in a post-season tournament. Warren Wilson College has been able to connect with the Asheville community on many levels as well.

“We are bringing tourism to Asheville and working with the Chamber of Commerce. It will put [Warren Wilson] in the local media and hopefully it’s going to help with recruiting,” Enos said.

Kick-off will be at noon on Thursday and Friday. It will be a challenge to get student fans to the games. However, Enos hopes to get as much support as possible. The Athletic Department will provide transportation to fans who are interested in attending the games.


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