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Warren Wilson College International Students Host Moon Festival Celebration

by Christian Diaz, News Editor

Sickness was not enough to stop Junior Bin Cao from organizing and hosting a Moon Festival celebration with his friends. Students gathered at a decorated and lively Garden Cabin to share sweet green beans, rice balls and moon pies at dusk on Tuesday September 13.

“I wanted to share this festival with our community because we are like a big family in many ways,” Cao said. “In China, people in a family help each other and enjoy time with each other.”

Comparable to Thanksgiving, the Moon Festival is an annual collective expression of gratitude for the harvests of mid-autumn dating back 3000 years to the Shang Dynasty. People often spend time together outside on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar when the moon is at its largest and brightest in relation to the earth.

Food and laughter were in abundance when students were greeted at the door with tapioca and tea. Several students had spent the previous hours preparing desserts and light snacks for guests, mostly sweet dumplings and rice balls. Bin Cao himself spent 8 hours making dumplings on the previous Sunday.

Piecing the event together occurred with the devoted efforts of 15 people, many international students, who helped cook delicious food, set up music equipment, helped shop, drive and decorate.

Cao wants his friends and peers to understand not just the significance of the Moon Festival, but also why it’s important to celebrate such an occasion on campus.

“As a community, I think we need more emotional connection just like the Chinese families [who celebrate the Moon Festival]. I believe people will live happier and more meaningful lives this way; loving each other and caring for each other,” Cao said.

The event was a success. The cabin swelled with students. The scrumptious treats were barely enough to relieve their appetites. Students sat on the pasture admiring the mid-autumn moon. Their contagious laughter soared like a flock of geese.


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