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The Wellness Cricket: Vitality Through Transition

by Kate Lundquist, guest columnist, The Wellness Cricket

Fantastic stories are flying around on campus: backpacking through the Amazon jungle, teaching children at summer camp, and heartwarming tales of taking care of the earth and animals. Though some days we crave reliving those experiences rather than sitting in Jensen on a beautiful fall day, we do have some amazing opportunities ahead! Whether you are spending hours toiling in the garden or cleaning the Sunderland bathrooms, concentrating in class or killing it on the soccer field, it is vital that your body breathes healthy and happy. Deepak Chopra says, “To have a meaningful life, you have to use your body- you can’t experience anything without one- and so your body should be meaningful too.”

Fortunately, we attend one of the most conscious and spirit driven colleges in the country. We have four yoga teachers on campus, a wellness crew (including physical trainers, healing foods and herbal remedies), a health promotion crew, counseling center, and student life. Everything you need is here to perform better in the classroom, on the field, in work and in your social life. To open the semester, nine yoga classes are offered and the wellness crew is currently in training for healing modalities such as Chinese medicine, massage, Reiki, and more. Our schedule is posted on the inside page and around campus.

Never tried yoga or massage? YOU are in LUCK! All classes and services are FREE… These services are usually outrageously expensive, and you have them just outside your dorm room at no expense. All level classes support beginners and cater to advanced practitioners through modifications of the asanas (physical yoga poses). We are here for you, for us, to keep our community strong and ace the work we have set out to do. Studies prove that yoga alleviates insomnia, depression, stress, and inflexibility; herbal supplements help your stomach digest Gladfelter food; massage will relax your muscles and unwind the mind after long days at Wilson. Taking care of yourself should inch its way up your priority list!

Stress is the leading cause of illness, and once the flu starts it spreads like wildfire. For your health and for love of those around you, allow your body and mind to unwind. Keep your eyes open for the stress management technique class that will be offered on campus this month. When stress is alleviated your grades rise, energy levels are sustained, and illness is a distant memory.

Tip of the day: If you are having trouble sleeping try legs up the wall- sit with your bottom at the wall and your legs straight up. This reverses the blood flow and settles your mind. Take several deep breaths and prepare yourself for the rest you deserve.

Looking for another way to relieve stress and decompress from your day? Exercise is a key component to maintaining a healthy body. Whether you prefer bicycling, yoga, swimming, running, dancing, or taking a lovely walk on our trails, this is where your body can let go of stress. Exercise has been proven to strengthen the heart, body and mind. I HIGHLY recommend getting outside while the weather is beautiful and before the freezing months start to envelop campus. If you have not worked out in a year, or maybe in your life, it is not too late. Change begins with you, and it is your step that makes a difference.

Do you still want to change the world? It begins with your self. Get inspired, strong, toned, healthy, blissful and beautiful. Rumi says, “Be relentless in your looking, for you are the one you seek”.


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