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Housing Office Offers Break Residency to Students Without Work Contracts

by Maddy Dillon, staff writer

Beginning this fall break, students may stay on campus if they have been denied a work contract or service break trip.

“It has been brought to our attention that at times there have been more students that struggle with finding a place to go during these breaks than can get work contracts or positions on break trips. Therefore, we are offering an opportunity for those students who are not granted work contracts or service break trip positions and who are not on housing, work, or conduct probation to request to stay on campus,” Housing Director Joyce Milling wrote in an e-mail to students.

This new option is refreshing for the many students without means to get home over breaks.

“If I didn’t have a work contract, I don’t know where else I’d go,” senior Katherine Brewer said.

However some community members, including Public Safety, are concerned that an increase in students staying on campus without work might cause problems.

“ I will be upset if non-workers [staying on campus] wake me up at three in the morning when I have to work in the morning or steal my food,” Brewer added.

Other community members have expressed concern about the vitality of the community that break-workers form.

“My favorite part about breaks is that it’s quiet, and there’s a sense of community within the small group of people that are here working together. That might be jeopardized if there are people who aren’t working living here,” senior Kayla Meier said.

In order to request housing, students need to pick up a form from the Student Life front desk in Dodge House. In addition to verifying that they have applied and been denied a work contract or a service break trip, the form asks students to explain why they are not able to leave campus. This form is due to the Housing Office no later than the Monday before the start of the break for which the student wishes to stay on campus.


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