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First Edition of staffer Nathan Gower’s Politics Column

by Nathan Gower, staff writer

The Echo’s obligation to Warren Wilson students is to inform and educate regarding all pertinent on-campus affairs. This means news is generally insular in that it is devoid of a local or national spin.

While I have no intention of changing that, I feel that dipping our toes in the national political scene is inevitable, and fruitful, in this approaching election-year.

So, being a fan of the feisty American political scene, I proposed a column idea to the Echo staff and will write, in each Echo, a synthesis of the political climate between publications, as well as a preview of upcoming partisan events happening in and around Buncombe County.

It is not my intention to advocate for any partisan ideologies. If I have a bias, it is that I lean left only insofar as I am an advocate for social change. The intention of this column is to inform, in a nonpartisan way, what is happening in politics. If you feel I deviate from this nonpartisan intention, let me hear it.

I would like to reiterate, however, that this is purely a political column representing ongoings within the political process. Students do a fine job of tackling particular issues, but I want this column to represent and advocate for reformist strategies.

Despite my penning this column, I want it to be representative. If you have any suggestions, be they critical or complimentary, please contact me at ngower@warren-wilson.edu. This is largely your forum!

Buncombe County Young Democrats will hold their monthly meeting Tuesday October 4 at 5:30p at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge in Asheville. The Buncombe County Young Republicans, who reestablished themselves in August of 2011, currently have no meetings planned.


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