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Warren Wilson College Student Caucus will begin 2011 school year with only one co-convener

by Sarah Banks, staff writer

Due to changes in the governance structure, caucus elections will take place in the fall. Two of the three co-conveners are leaving the position: junior Ilinca Popescu’s term is up, and Senior Lacey Cunningham is graduating. Kyja Wilburn, junior, will be the only co-convener for the first three weeks of school, but the co-conveners announced via e-mail that Popescu would stay for the first three weeks of the new year to help Wilburn.

Typically, there are only two meetings during the first three weeks of school. Wilburn feels confident about handling the responsibility alone.

“There isn’t a meeting the first week of school,” Wilburn said. “There aren’t usually any special events planned during that time either.”

According to the Student Caucus Constitution, caucus elections must be posted with three weeks notice, and at least one week before school. Several other possibilities were suggested at the caucus meeting of April 26, including the holding of elections before the end of the year, or hiring an interim caucus co-convener for the first three weeks of school. Both of these possibilities would require an amendment to the caucus constitution with very little time left before summer break.

“The three of us met and discussed the possibilities that were raised at caucus,” Wilburn said. “Three or four weeks isn’t enough time to effectively train someone, and Ilinca already knows how to do everything. People know her and trust her.”

“The first few weeks of school will be a really important time,” Wilburn said. “With the new governance structure, caucus’ role within the structure might change next year to better interact with the system. The hope is that students will become more integral to decision-making.”

“That’s something to be aware of at the beginning of the coming year,” Wilburn added. “The first three weeks are really important for getting feedback. Students should tell me what they want to see, and I hope that people consider running for co-convener next year.”


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