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Investigations are on-going for two events of vandalism which targeted Warren Wilson College Dean of Students

by Sarah Banks, staff writer

Two events of vandalism in late March and early April directly targeted Dean of Students Deb Myers. On March 8, the road that runs between Dodge House and the smoking hut was vandalized with the words: “Deb Myers: Civil War or Civil Governance The Revolution Will be Local.”

Paul Bobbitt, Rentals and Renovations boss said it took about eight work hours to clean up the mess. Students could not handle the chemicals so Bobbitt had to spend four hours scrubbing the asphalt with caustic chemicals.

“We had to close traffic there. It made things extremely difficult,” Bobbitt said. “We had to spend more time backing people out because they didn’t know the road was closed and the chemicals were extremely caustic.”

On April 8, Myers’ car was keyed in her driveway around midnight.

Both investigations are still on-going.


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