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Commentary by freshman Josh Reiss

by Josh Reiss, photographer

It’s been a tumultuous year at Warren Wilson College due to the seemingly endless stream of conflicts with Student Life. As a first-year and proud resident of Vining B, these conflicts have been a major part of my Warren Wilson experience. I am one of many who call Vining B home and those in that community have had to watch our family members be stripped away from us one by one. One third of the Vicious Boys of Vining (VBOV) are returning in the fall, a sad figure that is connected to the way Student Life has been administered recently.

Some responses to the administration have been well organized and appropriate while others have not. Vandalism has been the most apparent reaction as well as the least effective. These aggressive responses, both passive and confrontational have only distracted the community from the real issues.

As we pack up our things and get ready for a break from the Triad, it is key for those returning to remember where we left off. The line of communication between Student Life administration and students is frayed and needs mending. The Us vs. Them mentality only divides in our small society, making it smaller. When we come back, the most productive thing we can do is communicate using the outlets that exist. Both students and administration have made mistakes but we need to move and allow both parties the opportunity to act responsibly and in the best interest of the individuals who call this place home.


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