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Banner at Warren Wilson College’s Work Day displays student discontent surrounding governance system

by Maddy Dillon, staff writer

During the group picture taken at the pavilion on Work Day, a group of students held up a banner with the phrase “transparency equals retention” painted on it. According to one of the students who held up the sign, Junior Midge McCoy, the sign’s message was that transparency within our governance system would lead to student retention. McCoy said the sign was in response to multiple decisions that were made in student life without student involvement. “The [proposed] closing of Preston house was the last straw,” McCoy said.

Although the picture taken with the sign was not the chosen print to be displayed and distributed, according to McCoy, it was given to the group of students who were involved in the creation and demonstration of the banner by Dean of Work Ian Robertson.

While McCoy felt this form of action was effective in expressing student opinion, she is not in support of recent acts of vandalism. “If you asked 99% of students on campus how they felt about all this destructive behavior [keying of Deb Meyers car, spray painting street, etc], they would tell you how stupid it is,” McCoy said.

“[Destructive behavior] ruins the whole atmosphere,”McCoy added.


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