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Freshman publicly detained, dismissed from school at community gathering

Freshman David Enge was dismissed from school April 15 after live ammunition was found in his room

Dispatch from Brazil: in Santo Antonio de Jesus

Sari Bellmer, Correspondent April 24, 2011 I woke up at 5:30 this morning to go to the Wednesday morning feira (outdoor market) in Santo Antonio de Jesus, the town in which I have been staying for two weeks. I’m not sure why the market starts so early. When my friends and I arrived, though, I [...]

Student, Staff, and Alumna Speak Out on Behalf of the MFA Program

The following three pieces represent the thoughts of a current undergraduate, recent alumna, and staff member about the contributions of the students and faculty of the Master of Fine Arts program to our community. We write these in response to complaints about the program and in hopes that the community at large will understand that [...]

Commentary by freshman Josh Reiss

by Josh Reiss, photographer It’s been a tumultuous year at Warren Wilson College due to the seemingly endless stream of conflicts with Student Life. As a first-year and proud resident of Vining B, these conflicts have been a major part of my Warren Wilson experience. I am one of many who call Vining B home [...]

The CTS contamination site: Asheville’s dirty secret

by Sam Hyson, guest writer In South Asheville, a dilapidated building sits in a fenced-in field overgrown with weeds, its windows smashed and its walls covered in graffiti. Behind it, a cluster of upscale townhouses towers above on steep slopes. Downhill – and downstream – lies the majority of the rural Mills Gap neighborhood. Residents [...]

Deb Myers Reflects on her first year as Dean of Students at Warren Wilson College

As the school attempts to move forward and heal, Myers reflects on the previous year and looks forward to the next.

Group of students confront, intimidate staff member

by Mariah Parker, Echo online writer On April 15, Interim Director of Career Services Dorothy Herbert encountered a group of twelve students outside Dodge House as she left her office for the evening. “After 38 years of work in education, [Dorothy] felt fearful for the first time that day,” said Dean of Work Ian Robertson. [...]

Warren Wilson College Student Caucus will begin 2011 school year with only one co-convener

Due to changes in the governance structure, caucus elections will take place in the fall. Two of the three co-conveners are leaving the position, and Kyja Wilburn, junior, will be the only co-convener for the first three weeks of school.

Banner at Warren Wilson College’s Work Day displays student discontent surrounding governance system

The phrase “transparency equals retention” was painted on a banner, held up at Work Day by a group of vocal students

Board of Trustees approves new governance model, to be implemented next school year at Warren Wilson College

The new model consists of three major changes to the current governance model.

Students rally to file grievances with Warren Wilson College Dean of Students

First-year Emma Topor and junior Midge McCoy have rallied students to make use of a little-known Student Handbook policy that allows students to file formal complaints with the Dean of Students.

Sodexo proposes to build new coffeeshop, renovate dining facilities at Warren Wilson College

During contract negotiations with the college, Sodexo proposed the alteration of dining facilities in order to better meet student needs. Proposals include the renovation of Cowpie and Gladfelter as well as the addition of a coffeehouse in lower Sunderland.

Student Caucus Update, May 3

by Sarah Banks, staff writer Caucus members supported the newly drafted section of the student handbook on fire drill procedure. Nothing in the policy was changed, but the student life committee re-worded the section to more accurately describe the searches conducted during fire drills. The President’s Advisory Committee attended caucus in support of Sandy Pfeiffer’s [...]

Faculty Talk e-mail list of Warren Wilson College shares opinions on vandalism, includes reflections from meetings on communication

After the meetings last Friday, faculty members shared the feedback received

President, PAC, concerned students point to lack of communication to explain recent incidents and malicious attacks

by Micah Wilkins, Echo online writer In light of recent incidents that have taken place on campus, members of the President’s Advisory Committee (PAC) have been encouraging and facilitating dialogues and discussions surrounding issues of communication on campus. President Sandy Pfeiffer called on members of the campus community last Friday to “take a break from [...]

Investigations are on-going for two events of vandalism which targeted Warren Wilson College Dean of Students

Two events of vandalism in late March and early April directly targeted Dean of Students Deb Myers. On March 8, the road that runs between Dodge House and the smoking hut was vandalized with the words: “Deb Myers: Civil War or Civil Governance The Revolution Will be Local.”

Looking to our future, learning from our past: A call for community

by Nathan Gower, copy editor The opinions expressed in this article are those of its author, and in no way reflect the opinions of The Echo or Warren Wilson College. The author takes sole responsibility for all claims made. Student gripes with campus administration are familiar at any institution of higher learning. Despite Warren Wilson [...]

Public Safety investigates malicious flier posted publicly

by Maddy Dillon, staff writer Multiple fliers making unfounded allegations about Dean of Students Deb Myers and her family were found on campus. The flier incorrectly spelled Myers’s name. According to Public Safety Director Terry Payne, a public report is not available for this incident because the investigation is still on-going. Fingerprints and certain distinguishable [...]

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