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Warren Wilson theater presents “The Cherry Orchard”

On April 21, Warren Wilson Theater welcomes spring with the classic Russian comedy that everyone can appreciate called The Cherry Orchard. Taking a look inside the life of a family that goes through socioeconomic and seasonal changes, The Cherry Orchard touches upon real-life issues; monetary struggles, love triangles, and dealing with the end of an era.

Anton Chekhov’s final play draws out a wide range of nostalgic emotions where one might laugh or cry, be amused or in reverence. Chekhov’s words, “Write only of what is important and eternal,” gain meaning in this timeless story about the struggles of a family going through personal, lifestyle and societal changes.

The Cherry Orchard draws out a wide range of nostalgic emotions

Written at the turn of the 20th century, The Cherry Orchard brings up recognizable issues and has familiar characters that we can target in our lives today. Hopelessly romantic youth, elegant aristocrats, grumpy and deaf servants, businessmen and enthusiastic storytellers come to life on stage in The Cherry Orchard, which coolly emphasizes the tension between venerating the past and rejecting it. A bittersweet Comedy that gets its humor from its successful expression of raw human behavior, The Cherry Orchard will leave you feeling inspired.

Director Candace Taylor says, “The Cherry Orchard, Anton Chekhov’s last play, is a master study of human frailty amidst changing social times.  Indecision, grief, and longing for the past mix with hope, desire, and anticipation of a better future. Chekhov uses the Ranyevsky family and their beloved cherry orchard to symbolize a changing Russia, while examining the motivations and quirks human beings fall prey to as the world around them morphs and a new society is born. It’s funny, too. ”

Warren Wilson Theatre commits itself to personal development and creative collaboration that empowers students to bring artistic visions to life. We strive to create some of the most exciting and interesting theatre in the Asheville area at exceptionally affordable prices. Interested theatergoers and prospective students may visit our website at www.warren- wilson.edu/~theatre and sign up for our e-newsletter.


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