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Librarian Martha Mclean finishes book, Looking for Sheville, while in treatment for breast cancer

Maddy Dillon, Staff Writer

Martha McLean, beloved library staff and community member, was diagnosed with breast cancer over a year ago. While taking the necessary time off work to undergo treatments, McLean was able to finish writing Looking for Sheville, a book describing her experiences coming out within the early formation of Asheville’s lesbian community during the 1970s.

Martha McLean

“One really great thing to come out of this experience is that it has given Martha the opportunity to finish her book,” pastor Steve Runholt wrote in an e-mail to campus employees.

Published under the pen name Matty McEire, Looking for Sheville tells the personal story of an aspiring singer-songwriter who finds her way within the wider lesbian culture and joins other like-minded women to create lesbian community in Asheville.

In the book, Matty explores all aspects of lesbian culture including literature, women’s music, spirituality, conferences, festivals, marches, softball, politics and more. Looking for Sheville is available in the campus bookstore, Malaprop’s, as well as Amazon.com.
Runholt assures the community that McLean remains generally in good spirits de- spite a recent decline in her health.

“She wants you all to know how much she appre- ciates and enjoys hearing from you,” Runholt wrote.

For more on how McLean is doing, visit her CaringBridge website: http://caringbridge.org/visit/marthamclean. Ex- pressions of care and support can be sent to McLean’s personal e-mail: mm28penguin@ yahoo.com.


One Response to “Librarian Martha Mclean finishes book, Looking for Sheville, while in treatment for breast cancer”

  1. I met Martha a few years ago and was just wanting to get to know her bettter. She was a librarian, a writer, a musician and she created the Asheville community for women. I was so shocked when I found out that the cancer had some back so so soon and that she was not expected to make it but she sure tried. Sure wish she had been around a bit longer.

    Posted by Jean E. Hughes | July 1, 2011, 5:19 pm

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