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Health Center Relocated, Retains Hope

Sarah Banks, Staff Writer

On the morning of Monday April 4, staff arrived at the Health Center to find the building had flooded substantially. The effected areas sprawled from the small examination room, to the waiting room and the counseling center. Additionally, bathrooms below the building and the basement were damaged.

The cause of the damage is thought to have come from a pipe underneath the sink in the small examination room from either a surge in water pressure or a broken valve.
Pat Parker and students on the Health Center crew were heartbroken at the sight.

“It was running like a river through the waiting area” Parker, a registered nurse, said. “We had spent a lot of time trying to fix up the health center, and give it a more homey feel.”

The Health Center was renovated last year because of structural issues.

“It’s deflating, especially considering all the work done last year,” Parker said.  “It’s tough, but we’ll get through it.”

Maintenance continues at the Health Center

The Health Center was functioning in a limited space for the week of April 4, but has since moved to Mitchell B. The Counseling Center has moved to Wolff House on North Lane.

Damage to the Counseling Center varies from room to room, but the water damage was extensive. The downstairs bathrooms are completely stripped, and are expected to need remodeling.

Several student work crews are working to fix the damage.

“With an older building, like the Health Center, there are layers of flooring” Paul Braese, Director of Facilities Management, said. “Initially, we didn’t know the extent of the damage, but the water damage required the removal of several layers of flooring.”

First Restoration Services, the company contracted for Sunderland’s flooding did some of the initial work.

“By the end of the week, we had superheated the flooring with commercial humidifiers,” Braese said. “After the floor has completely dried out, we will replace the flooring and baseboards.”

The Health Center and Counseling Center have been relocated for the remainder of the year, but Braese does not expect the work to continue as long.

Parker encourages students to be patient through the process.

“It might be a longer wait than usual, but we’re working as hard as we can to fix the problem,” Parker said.


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