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Graduating senior comments on the vandalism that was recently directed towards Dean of Students Deb Myers

Max Hunt, Senior

As a graduating senior, this is about the time I start getting nostalgic about my time at Wilson, reminiscing about “the good ol days.” I love this school; it has helped me to recognize my own interests and understand myself and my role in a community. That’s not to say that I agree with everything I’ve seen from administrators or fellow students in my time here. I’ve had plenty of lively debates and a fair share of bitchfests about how so-and-so is ruining this-or-that. It’s the nature of a close community, as far as I see it, and a sign that there is still vitality and diversity within Wilson culture.

That being said, nothing pisses me off more than what I saw Tuesday morning (before break) in front of Dodge. Some “local” revolutionary decided to scrawl a passive-aggressive message to the current Dean of Students, threatening “Civil War!” against her. From what I’ve gathered, this message stems from the current conflict between Caucus and the Administration, as well as the departure of a couple well-loved staff members. Apparently, the author/budding graffiti artist decided to take to the streets to express his/her frustration over an apparent lack of voice. Ironically, this individual decided not to sign their work or attribute a source to their message.

For lack of a better term, shit like this is stupid. I can understand your frustration and concern to keep the powers that be on an even keel with the student population. I support your efforts. But scrawling personal messages in the road outside of offices is juvenile and pointless. Its equivalent to a five year old telling Mommy, “I’m staying up past my bedtime, and you can’t stop me!” Using radical language doesn’t make you a radical. Likewise, threatening “Civil War” against the administration isn’t going to make them listen to you. This isn’t Libya, and threatening further conflict doesn’t do shit to reach a resolution, but only drives people further into their trenches.

For a place that tries to pride itself on open dialogue and community ethics, I’ve seen a rise in this kind of crap around Wilson. Obviously, it’s a sign that folks feel that their voices aren’t being heard by the higher ups, which needs to be addressed. But I also see a lot of what I call “Spoiled Brat Syndrome” lurking in this issue. Things don’t always work out your way. That’s life, politics, and part of being in a community. Wilson affords students a voice that very few other institutions (because Wilson IS an institution) would even approach. So instead of wasting good spray paint and the community’s time and money to sandblast it off the road, why not take your message to Caucus, or the Echo. Write a formal letter (name included) to the administration, or organize a community meeting. There are plenty of ways to constructively express your concerns. Anonymously spray-painting personal threats is not one of them. If you want your opinions to be respected, act like someone worthy of respect. Otherwise, you’re just another self-righteous kid ripping off slogans from the Sixties.


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